Tramping First Aid Kit | Lightweight Hiking First Aid Safety Pack

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Meet our Small Hiking First Aid Kit, built for NZ Trampers! Compact yet mighty, it boasts Velcro belt loops and a weather-resistant zip opening. Designed for New Zealand’s terrain, it ensures you’re always equipped to treat unexpected injuries on the trail. Never caught off-guard again – stay safe, stay prepared with the essential First Aid Supplies and Emergency Lighting.


Prepare for any outdoor adventure with our Tramping First Aid Kit built for New Zealand hikers – your compact companion for safety on the go. Crafted for the intrepid explorer, this Small Semi-Circular Kit is designed with convenience and durability in mind. Featuring Velcro belt loops on the back, it securely attaches to your belt for easy access during hikes, treks, or camping trips.

Its zip opening, cleverly concealed by a weather-resistant fabric flap, ensures your essentials stay protected against the elements. From minor scrapes to unexpected emergencies, this kit equips you with the essentials to handle common injuries with confidence.

Compact yet comprehensive, our Tramping First Aid Kit is your essential companion for every outdoor excursion. Stay safe, stay prepared, and embrace adventure with peace of mind.

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Contents Quantity
Wound Dressing Pad on Bandage 12x12cm 1
Fabric Plasters 25’s 1
Medical Microporous Paper Tape 12.5mm 1
Triangle Bandage 1
First Aid Guide 1
CPR Face Protection Shield 1
Rescue Emergency Blanket 1
Antiseptic Wound Wipes Large 2
Safety Pins 10
Saline 15ml Eye and Wound Wash 1
First Aid Economy Tweezer 1
Rescue Emergency Light Stick (12 Hours Light) 1
Paraffin Gauze Dressing 10x10cm 1
Belt Mountable Semi Circular Large Pouch 1


1 review for Tramping First Aid Kit | Lightweight Hiking First Aid Safety Pack

  1. George Hutter

    Awesome tramping first aid kit, just what you need to deal with injuries that are not too major on a tramp, and belt loops to attache to a bag or belt, and a protected zip to keep out moisture and dirt.

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