Touchscreen Winter Knitted Gloves | Black




Winter gloves are essential for protecting hands from harsh cold, preventing frostbite and skin damage. High-quality gloves provide insulation while allowing dexterity for tasks. They safeguard against injuries from icy surfaces and reduce the risk of accidents. Properly fitted gloves enhance comfort, promoting circulation and overall hand health during chilly weather.

Soft and comfortable, good thermal performance and can be effectively non-slip.
Touch screen is sensitive, making it easy for capacitive screen devices

1. Comfortable & Warm: Soft and warm wool lining design, provide warmth and functionality for running, hiking or cold-weather commuting. The knitted fabric has four-way stretch, so the wiggling fingers can move freely, and you will be very comfortable to wear.
2.Touch Sensitive & Anti-slip Palm: The Unique and Practical Touchscreen Capability design that assures you won’t have to remove the glove in order to use your phone. Palm silicone palm grip keeps that precious phone secure.
3. Convenient & Breathable Material: Living in the technology age, winter knit gloves let you use your phone without having to expose your hands. Breathable material allows the gloves to ventilate in order to decrease sweat accumulation.


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